ak front door

House Tour- Before

We’re finally ready to share the apartment with you all! This is a quick “before” tour, and we’ll get an “after” video up in a few weeks. We’ve already crossed off a lot of to-do’s and projects– that’s what happens when you’re both home all… Read More

Anchorage View

First Impressions in Anchorage

So this was originally our “first week” post, but it’s now been eleven days since we arrived! We just confirmed with each other last night that we have transitioned from tourist to resident. Fast switch, right? We established that by the fact that we are no longer awed… Read More

Signpost Forest Watson Lake

Budgeting for a Move

One thing that I love about budgeting is its predictability. Every month in Indiana, I knew what we would make and what we would spend. I could predict the fixed monthly costs (mortgage, utilities, insurance, etc.) and set aside the rest for more fluid costs (groceries, restaurants, entertainment, etc.)… Read More